Franklin County’s foothills, mountains, glacial lakes, and diverse communities, make it a very special place to live, work and raise a family, but all is not well when it comes to the governance of the County. 

I am running for the District 1* seat on the Board of  Franklin County Commissioners because there is a need to change the current culture and structure of the Board. We need to tackle the challenges now facing the county and prepare for the ones that lie ahead.

I will do this in a manner that reflects our basic shared values: Listening attentively and respectfully; Thinking independently while being open to new ideas; Looking out for our neighbors and putting aside money for emergencies.

* District 1: Jay, Temple, Wilton, Carthage, Washington & Perkins Townships

Letter to the Editor: Supporting Tiffany Maiuri
Four years ago, we (Ruth Cushman and Tom Saviello) supported and worked to get Terry Brann elected as a Franklin County Commissioner for District 1: Carthage, Jay, Wilton, Temple, Washington and Perkins Twp. This time we will both be supporting Tiffany Maiuri for Commissioner.
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In support of Tiffany Mauiri
Voters in Carthage, Jay, Wilton, Temple, Washington, and Perkins Township have a clear choice when they elect a Franklin County Commissioner this fall. I urge them to vote for Tiffany Mauiri, who has a notable history of public service in Wilton.

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